Witchcraft Spells and what they are.  Black magic Witchcraft and Spell Casting are two very Different things.  It is very important to know what Witchcraft Spells are and what Morphic Spells and Morphic Spell Casters are.  Witchcraft is generally separated by Good Witchcraft and Bad Witchcraft.  Here, we will explain the difference and how Witchcraft Spells are different as well.
First a few Witchcraft Facts....

          Witchcraft is a "craft" or art where the use of Supernatural Powers is practiced.

          Black Magic Witchcraft is generally the Dark form of Witchcraft.

          White Magic Witchcraft is generally the light or "good" form of Witchcraft.

          Those who practice Witchcraft are called "Witches" or "Warlocks" hence the name.

Witchcraft Spells and the general
definition of Witchcraft.

What is Witchcraft?  Is it Evil?  Can anyone practice Witchcraft?  These are the are old questions that many people ask themselves and others.  Each person will have a new and different answer for what Witchcraft actually is though. A great rule of thumb is always do as much research as possible and...


Make a sound judgment based on the facts and decide what is right for you.  Perception is YOUR reality and this is the secret to true happiness! This fact extends into the world of Magic or Witchcraft.


Remember, witchcraft is a TOOL or an art to some.  A tool in itself is not evil or of an evil origin.  It is what you do with a tool that makes it seem evil.  Witchcraft can be used for many things.  In most cases, people will use Witchcraft for Spell Casting. 

Spell casting and the practice of Casting Spells utilizes the art of Witchcraft and the various Spells is contains.  Spell casting is a major aspect of Witchcraft as a whole. 


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Words, terms and the difference between them...

Witchcraft, Black Magic, White Magic, Magic,  Magic, Voodoo, Voo Doo, Evil Spells, Psychic Spells, Occult, Witches, Warlocks, Black Magic Spells, Black Magic Spell Casting.

There are so many terms used in the field of Black Magic and Black Magic Spell castings its hard to keep up. The word "Magic" refers to the kind of magic you would see at a magic show or when doing a "magic trick"

The work "Magic" is used to describe the kind of energy we use in Spells, Spell Casting, Black Magic, Witchcraft, Voodoo rituals, Voodoo Dolls, Love Potions, Astrology etc.

There is actually a huge difference between the word "magic" and "magick"

Here are some example sentences...

I performed a Magic Trick today.

I love to watch magicians perform magic.

My neighbor studies Black Magic Spell Casting and Voodoo Magic. He also has Voodoo dolls he uses in his Black Magic and his Dark magick Spells.

The woman across town teaches White Magic, Love Spell Casting, Voodoo rituals, Grey Magic and Voodoo.

He placed an Evil Curse via his Black Magic Spell Casting skills.  His Magic abilities are very strong.

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