Witchcraft Spells and Magic Spell Casting Secrets Revealed!
Learn Magic's Biggest Mysteries & What Real Modern Black Magic Witchcraft Truly Is.
Books about Witchcraft Love Spells & Spell Castings have been around for hundreds of years. 
Book of Witchcraft Spells contain some of the most powerful Magic Spells.

           Book of Witchcraft Magic Spells very Greatly.  The Source of Magic Must Be Considered.

          Black Magic & Black Magic Witchcraft has MANY different Beliefs & Branches.

          Witchcraft Magic Spell Castings were hidden in older times due to Religious Laws.

          Witchcraft Spells are still used today. Modern Morphic Spells are Cast Here.

Witchcraft Magic Spell Casting Revealed.

Secret Magic Love Spells like those found in the Book of Witchcraft are Private Spells that Spell Casting Circles use to Distinguish their Group or Circle. 

The Spells used in the Book of Witchcraft allowed members of the Circles or Covens to recognize each other.

Essentially it was like a "Secret hand Shake" but with a  Magic Spell Casting.  The Book of Witchcraft contained special coded Spells that only certain casters knew of.  At the time it was VERY IMPORTANT to keep the Book of Witchcraft and its Magic Spell Castings private. 

Religious intolerance was very wide spread and people accused of using Witchcraft, Black Magic, Spell Casting, Astrology or any spiritual activity OTHER then what was accepted at the time was immediately deemed a witch or a person not of God and generally burned or put to death without a trial. 


When a new person arrived at a Circle, all would witness this person cast the secret spell to verify he or she was indeed part of them.  This was the case when a Circle or Casters or a Circle was spread out across the land. 

To many, Magic Spell Casting & Witchcraft in general was considered EVIL by society.  The term "Witchcraft" almost gives the art a mystical or dark feel.  A Craft of a Witch is essentially what it means.  The problem is WHAT Craft and WHAT is a Witch?  Once again, society already decided on the answer and there was no room for interpretation.  Many innocent men and women died as a result of societies fear and ignorance.  Many said it was the work of witches.  This MAY be true with some covens and magic circles but any caster using the Secret Magic Spell tradition was most likely using Morphic Energies or Wicca Spells.  Both arts have a base set to peace and nature and not evil.  Society made the Secrecy a necessary element of Spell Casting due to these unfortunate facts.  It was always best to keep magic Spell Casting Secret.


Many years ago, secret rituals and secret spell circles would use these hidden castings to keep their art private and unique as well.  They would use a certain series of false casting methods BEFORE actually beginning the real Spell. 

This was used to ensure that if anyone was watching their Casting methods, they would have the wrong directions.  The Casters knew how to cancel each false component of the Spell right after they performed it. 

At Extreme Spells we consider our Circle a Modern Spell Casting group that uses Morphic Energies as well.  We do not use Spells from the Book of Witchcraft but we DO have many Modern Magic Spells that WORK!

Again, these energies are of nature and are safe to use. We still use traditional Wicca Spell methods as well but overall, our Spells are far more advanced and actually have a Scientific Basis to them.


We at the Circle do indeed have several Secret Magic Spells and Private Casting methods.  One of them we will share below.  Since we revealed this casting method, we have adopted several new secret Spells that we cannot disclose. 

Below is our SECRET MAGIC LOVE SPELL.  This Love Spell is cast for a client to grant them powerful "Attraction Energies"  This Love Spell Casting is very similar to the MAKE ME IRRESISTIBLE spell that infuses you with amazing Spell energy that radiates and acts as a magnet towards those who YOU find appealing and desirable. 

This Spell was indeed on the list of "Secret Love Spells" our Circle was not able to offer.  Now, in late 2013 we have developed new and more powerful Secret Love Spells that cannot be revealed. 

Of course, these days the purpose to keep the Spell private is simply to honor tradition.  Even though we at Extreme Spells consider our castings "modern"  we still enjoy abiding by older traditions and customs.  The Secret Spell is one of them.


Our Amazing MAKE ME IRRESISTIBLE Magic Love Spell was our Circles "Secret Magic Spell" for many years.  Similar to several found in the very Book of Witchcraft, it provides the same results!

Today, we offer it as one of our Morphic Spell Castings for you.  It is an amazing Love Spell designed to attract the people into your life that YOU desire.  By far, it is one of our Circles favorite Spells and we are passionate about casting it.  The fact it was kept private for over a decade adds a level of mystery and wonder to this already powerful Love Spell. 

We at the Circle offer a wide range of Spells and Spell Castings.  All are guaranteed to manifest for you. 

Order the MAKE ME IRRESISTIBLE Magic Spell below or
see our complete list of Love Spells HERE.

We offer 3 Power levels for all situations and income levels.  Affordable for anyone, the below spells are a GREAT way to make you absolutely irresistible and completely self confident!  The higher the power level, the stronger the attraction energies. 







"Secret Love Spells have a certain mysterious feel about them just as the Spells found in the Book of Witchcraft did.  They have a forbidden and transparent feel.  When a group of Spell Casters have a Secret Spell, they are abiding by old traditions and this gives the Circle a level of prestige ion our opinion.  We at the Extreme Spells Circle also have several Secret Love Spells that only our Circle are aware of.  We have since made one of them public.  This Love Spell is Above and is a Circle favorite.  Try it yourself and see why!"  -- Master Samuel Taylor and the Extreme Spells Circle



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