New Spell Castings have Produced New Spell Casting Side Effects and Events

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Spell Casting Side Effects &
 Events to Watch for After a Spell is
 Cast Completely


As discussed, our newest addition to our Spell Casting methods has increased our schedule a great deal.  The added procedure has proven to be beyond beneficial to our clients and our overall result percentages. 

As a result, a few new aspects of our castings have changed.  These side effects were foretold and we were waioting to see them firsthand so we may more accurately describe them to our clients.  The best part is none of the side effects is negative in any way.  T

REMEMBER!  The below list of events of possible Spell Casting side effects are events and feelings you MIGHT encounter as a result of your new Spell Casting.  Do not worry if you do not have any side effects listed below.  These are simply some events that MAY or MAY NOT happen as a result of your recent Spell Casting.

1.  MEMORIES APPEAR OUT OF NO WHERE  -  A Sudden recollection of memories you forgot is a strong sign of Morphic Spell Energy being present.  If you are laying in bed, sitting at home, walking to work, etc. and suddenly you think of an event that happened in your past that you haven't thought of in quite a long time and have since forgotten, it may be a sign your Spell's energy is manifesting within you.  The memories may be old or recent but if a forgotten thought suddenly arrives that seems odd and out of place, it is a good sign your Spell Casting's energies are doing their job!  If you find yourself asking yourself "why in the world did I just think of that?" your recent Love Spell Casting may be to blame.

Usually associated with Love Spells, Binding Spells, Soul Mate Spells, Loyalty Love Spells & Custom Spells.


2.  SUDDEN BURST OF ENERGY  -  If you suddenly feel like a kid again and want to run and jump it may be a sign your recent Spell Casting is manifesting.  We do not suggest suddenly getting up and running but if you feel you need to by all means follow your heart.  The feeling to watch for is a SUDDEN URGE to do something physical.  Remember that if you are NOT in your Spell Casting this cannot happen. 

Usually associated with Money Spells, Success Spells, Health & Happiness Spells, Custom Spells, Justice Spells & Adult Spells.

3.  FLASHES OF LIGHT -  If you see an occasional small flash of light that appears to come from the corner of your right eye it may be another sign of Morphic Spell Energy.  This symptom tends to happen more often to clients who order Love Spells and Spells for Attraction.  Spells like our Make Me Irresistible & Return My Lover generally attract this type of side effect.  This light is nothing to worry about and is completely harmless. It is simply the Morphic Energy connecting and distributing the Spell's energy to its rightful destination.  If you have a Love Spell cast for an old lover it is very likely he or she will see it as well.  The Spell's energy infuses you and then your lover.  Essentially tying you together and creating a "binding" or "attraction" effect.  NOTE: If you do not see this effect, it does not mean your Spell isn't manifesting as it should.  These are all POSSIBLE side effects.

Usually associated with All Form of Spell Castings


4.  VIVID DREAMS -  Possible one of the most common Side effect of a Spell Casting is vivid dreaming.  Specifically about the person or people in the Spell Casting.  The Spell energy itself will not cause the dream but whatever dream you have can be VERY VIVID if the Morphic Energy is manifesting at that time.  You may wake up in tears, laughing uncontrollable, screaming with joy, yelling in anger etc.  Spell energy can make you have some amazing dreams that will seem almost real when you are having them. 

Usually associated with All Form of Spell Castings


5.  LOSS OF CONCENTRATION - This Spell Side effect is not a serious or dangerous effect at all.  You are safe to drive a car or operate machinery but you may be talking to someone and then suddenly go blank.  You might say "what was I just talking about"  many times you may call someone and say "I have no idea why I called you"  When this happens do not worry.  It simply means your sub conscious was a bit busy with the Spell energy. 

Usually associated with Love Spells, Money Spells & Custom Spell Castings


IMPORTANT:  Remember, these side effects are NOT GUARANTEED to happen to you.  You may experience one, two, all or NONE of them before your Spell manifests in your life.  This section was set up to give you an idea of what some of the new Side effects people can expect to have with our new Spell Castings.

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