How to Cast Love Spells and Magic Spell Casting that Works.  The truth of Magic Spell Casting and what is real and what is not.  Beginner Love Spells Cast at Home.  Spell Casters can be found everywhere but who can you trust?  This section of our site we explain what Spell Casting is and how to find real Spells and How to Cast Spells or find the Best Magic Spell Casters.

          Learning How to Cast Spells and Learning How to Use Love Spells is Difficult...

          Instead of Learning How to Cast Spells, Find a Real and Trained Spell Caster.

          Learning How to Use Magic Spells Can be Dangerous. Trust Professional Casters.

          Ways to Find the Best Love Spell Casters and How to Get the Best Love Spells Cast.


Ask any given person what Spells and Spell Castings are and you will have a different answer each time! There are so many misconceptions, rumors, myths and superstitions about Magic and magic spells, its almost impossible to keep track! 

How does one find out what is real and what is false?

It's simple actually!

Ask people who know! People like ourselves, The Circle of Eight. We have been Studying, Teaching and Casting Magic Spells for over 40 combined years!  We wanted to create this section of our site to explain EXACTLY what we do and how we do it so you know what you are getting for your money. We want all our customers to be educated at a basic level so they know how the process of Spell Casting works.

Many of you have doubts, worries and apprehensions.  This is 100% NORMAL and expected! In fact, if you didn't have SOME doubt, it would actually be unusual. 

Spell Casting is a practice that for many years was condemned. Why? There are actually countless reasons but the main reason is people fear what they do not know. They fear things they cannot explain or understand right away.  This is a very strong reason Spell Casting was considered "Evil" or the work of the "Devil".  Most faiths that weren't mainstream were labeled "evil" and this got you an instant one way ticket to hell (according to the witch hunters)

Below we will provide the most common questions people have about Spell Casting itself.  We will cover many areas that will shed light on what we can do for you with each spell. Safely, Effectively and Affordably!

QUESTION:   What is the difference between Magic and Magic?
ANSWER:   Magic is what you see at a Magic show where a magician does Magic tricks!  This is that kind of "Magic" A Magician who pulls a rabbit out of a hat performs "Magic"   Now, a spell caster that casts spells uses Magic.  The K at the end separates them into two separate meanings.
QUESTION:   Isn't casting a spell brainwashing?  I want him to truly love me, not be forced into it against his will.
ANSWER:   Another misconception.  Spell casting opens up a cosmic and spiritual connection between you and the person the Love Spell was cast upon.  A new sense of love and attraction will be apparent to them.   They will have a new and completely restored love and appreciation for you.  They will also feel an unexplainable magnetism.   This is the force that sends them to you.  They may appear to be a new person but only in a positive way towards you.  Our Love Spells work wonders.   Also, we NEVER use black magic to cast spells
ANSWER:   There are certain waves of energy (called Morphic Waves) that connect everything around us.  Just like there are radio waves, micro waves etc. They are there but you cannot see them correct?


There are energy waves that connect YOU to everything alive.  That is correct.  You are connected to every living thing on the planet.  We all come from the same powerful source. This connects us to all life literally forever.  Consider a drop of rain evaporating from the ocean (this is when we are born) That drop would feel so alone and unconnected to anything (as we do). 

The fact is EVERY drop of water always returns where it comes from. No matter if it is drank, frozen, boiled or dried up (evaporated to gas actually). Every drop of water is connected to every other drop of water and eventually, will be back to where it came from!  Its a beautiful example actually!

We are JUST like the drop of water. We are connected and everlasting.  This is where Spell Energies come into play. 

Our spells are specifically designed to tap into the MORPHIC FIELD (the energy field all around us and everywhere in the universe) that contain UNIVERSAL ENERGY WAVES  Again, these waves help Connect  EVERY living thing on earth to each other.  They even connect you to a spider in Africa or ANY other living thing on earth (including the person you want a spell on). Consider it like everyone you know having a cell phone.  When you know their number, you can call them right? You probably can call dozens of people right now in fact. Well, there you have it! 

This is the basis of how Spell Casting works. As you see it is safe, effective and absolutely positive!

We are extremely happy to be able to bring this beautiful service to you. Read on to learn more about Magic and Magic Spell Castings!

ANSWER:   Black Magic is a form of MAGIC that does in fact use negative things and calls upon negative energies to do negative things to people.  There is a difference between a Revenge Spell for Justice and a Black Magic Casting to cause harm for no reason. We do NOT USE black magic.
QUESTION:   Wont negative energy return to me if I have a spell cast?
ANSWER:   Absolutely Not!  Another Hollywood rumor and myth created to scare people.  By all means, DO NOT believe what you see in movies or on TV.  The media is full of false information!   Not only with Magic and Spell Casting but with almost any subject or fact in life.  The bottom line is do your own research BEFORE you draw a conclusion on any subject. Everyone has an opinion but the facts are usually MUCH different.  The fact you are reading this speaks VOLUMES about YOU and your character.  Be proud of yourself that you are a person who needs to have answers.  This is a great quality to possess. 



ANSWER:   First you must decide what spell is right for your situation.  If you see none that are right, we can create a custom spell.  We will design one perfect for you with up to 15 specific, separate requests. 

Step by step, the entire process is...

1.  CHOOSE THE SPELL CASTING YOU WANT and order it.  Simply click the button next to the spell you want. This will take you to the Secure Processing checkout section that processes your credit or debit card. 

It is safe, secure and private to order any casting from Extreme Spells.  No one at or at PayPal (our secure payment processor) ever sees your personal financial information, address or card numbers.  We keep this secure and private for both our protection and yours. 

IMPORTANT:  When ordering a Spell Casting, make sure you only click the order button once to prevent multiple charges.
2.   WE GET NOTIFIED of your order via e-mail by our credit card processing company via e-mail usually within minutes.  At this point you officially are a client of our Circle and a part of our extended network of friends and clients we proudly serve.

For your new Spell Casting to be cast & completed, we need certain information.  Once you have completed payment you will be directed to a spell submission form that you can fill out to provide the casting details. We will also e-mail you a link to this form after you order.

NOTE:  Custom Spell and GLOBAL SPELL orders can include their requests in this e-mail as well.  The form above also has sections to fill in requests as well as other information.

4.  WE SCHEDULE AND CAST YOUR SPELLS ENERGIES WITHIN 24 to 48 HOURSNow that we have your Spell's information, we can proceed with your Spell Casting.  With the exception of Holidays and Sundays, we now work on our clients Spell Castings 6 days a week.

IMPORTANT:  When you order we send you a NEWS & UPDATES section of our site via e-mail where you can read about current casting reports, news and other important information.  Be sure to save this page when you get it with your "Thank You" e-mail. 

Again, save the NEWS & EVENTS section we send you via e-mail after you order.

5.  IF YOU ARE IN THE SPELL CASTING  the Morphic Energies will infuse in or around you first.  If you are NOT in the casting they will not.  The Casting will use you as its first "Way Point" and then proceed to the next person if anyone else is in the casting.  This is why we do not always need the names of the person you want.  The Morphic Energies have a magnetic "Knowing" and use desire and passion as "direction" to manifest and deliver results.  They use your very own emotions and thoughts to know what to do and how to manifest.  In a sense, YOU are the reason the Morphic Spell Energies know where to go and what to do.

6.  IF THE CASTING FAILS OR SHOWS ANY RESISTANCE we will e-mail you right away.  Strong resistance only happens in rare cases.  Resistance is a feeling a Caster will feel within the Casting itself letting them know the Spell is not right for the client.  Again, if a problem arises and your Spell WASN'T CAST we will contact you and address this issue.  If this happens, we simply adjust the casting.  No extra charge is ever involved in recastings or reinforcements ever. Again, this is VERY RARE. 

7.  BELIEVE & HAVE FAITH in your new Spell Casting.  As we stated above, if YOU are in the Spell Casting, YOU act as a direct conduit or conductor of your Morphic Spell's Energy. It is ALWAYS a good thing to attract good and positive thought energies along with your spells energy.  It is not required to be positive but it helps greatly we assure you.  Enjoy the benefits of your spell wish becoming a reality.

NOTE: Again, be certain to check the NEWS & UPDATES section we send you after you order for current casting news and updates if you are inquiring about your castings completion



100% MONEY BACK     /    100% REFUND POLICY     /   100% GUARANTEE
This is How Confident We Are In How Well Our Spells Work!

We have a full 6 month 100% GUARANTEE so you have ZERO RISK with your order. If your spell request does not manifest by then, you get a FULL 100% Refund and a  FREE ULTIMATE MONEY SPELL CAST for your trouble, PERIOD.


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"We hope this helps you find the answers you seek.  How to order a Spell Casting online needs to be clear and direct.  We want to make ordering a Spell Casting with our Circle an enjoyable and exciting process.  From Morphic Love Spells to Morphic Money & Success Spells, our Circle will work very hard for you to bring you the results you want"  -- Master Samuel Taylor and the Extreme Spells Circle



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